About this site

This site is a reference of rough sketch work, with a few refined small oil sketches thrown in, mostly in natural themes experimenting with traditional media. Mostly so I can refer back to things I've done. And some stuff probably not up to snuff for a polished website. I also have a collection of slightly larger format oil and acrylic paintings you can visit at John Urquidi Artworks.

About me

Hi, my name is John Urquidi, I am a fine artist/illustrator/designer based in Santa Barbara, California and Green Valley, Arizona. I grew up in the Santa Monica mountains near what is now called Pt. Mugu State Park in California. It was an experience which endeared me to the great outdoors. I’ve had lots of opportunity to observe the Santa Barbara foothills and shorelines, and more recently the deserts and sky islands of Southern Arizona.

Way back when, I received an A.S. degree in Commercial Illustration, which was a bit of a misnomer, since it involved no computer training. I got over that later in the year, by taking a course in Autocad, which seemed very mysterious at the time. A little later I got a job doing manual drafting, and offered to use the company's 'CAD' stations in the corner collecting dust. A couple decades later, I had become proficient in a parametric modeler program called SolidWorks, though I basically spent my time untangling digital messes created by our company engineers. It paid the bills. All this while, I've also output a small body of fine art, showing at local galleries and an annual show or two. I've never given up the idea that my next image might be my best.


The best way to contact me is to send me an email at urquidigraphics@gmail.com